Julie Lythcott-Haims
Julie Lythcott-Haims
I care about people emerging into their true selves, and I am interested in examining that which gets in their way.

“When you speak it’s like you’re representing me and the five people behind me and fifty others. We find ourselves turning back to our own voice, truth, values, meaning, and joy even if we weren’t even aware that we had meandered off our path.”

-MaryRuth Q.

Let my work be a love letter to humans.

 Let me be generous and decent.

 Let me uplift and assist wherever possible.

 Let me do no harm.

Lord knows I’m trying, but I want you to know I fail all the time. I’ve been lost, lonely, alone, sad, frightened, self-loathing, empty, unsure, arrogant, insecure, mean, scared, and ashamed. (I think I’m no different than most humans in this regard.) This is part of our nature – to be so afraid that we shrink or act with anger or arrogance. To be so needy that we hide, hoping to be noticed, or act with judgment or disdain. To be so worried about pleasing others that we cannot be ourselves. To make a misstep that we think is truly unforgivable that causes us shame.

I am on a journey out of fear toward love. We all are. When we truly love ourselves we can love others, and when we love ourselves and others everything good is possible.

I love humans.
I am because you are.
If I can be of use to you, well let’s get started.